About Us

Meet Bee

Hi! I’m Bianca, (the ‘Bee’ to your HazelBee Candles)! I want to say a big thank you for taking the time to come and visit our website. We hope that if you haven't already, you will try our natural soy wax scented candles. 

I recently became a first time mum in February 2018 to an adorable baby girl who we named Elsa-Grace. It’s true what they say, nothing can prepare you for motherhood. It truly is the hardest yet the best, most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. Having a tiny human completely dependant on me has given me a whole new perspective on responsibility. I’ve had to really question myself on what my values are and what exactly I want to pass on to Elsa-Grace and the generations to come. I want to share two of my discoveries with you that I found are extremely important to me. 

Firstly, my family. They are my support system, a safe base. We are a close family right from the head all the way down through the five generations. So this is how I ended up with the name HazelBee. Hazel is my Great-Grandmother the oldest generation of my family still alive. It gives me great joy to think that she gets to see her name on our candles and know that a part of her will always be here not only with our family but with all of you. 

Secondly, peace. Lets face it, life can be busy, noisy, challenging and even stressful. I think that’s all the more reason to guard and prioritise your peace. I have found that if I manage to keep my peace I am able to get through trying situations in one piece (see what I did there? hahaha) and thoroughly enjoy happy situations without anxieties and fears taking over. This has become essential to my well being. So with that said, its our mantra here at HazelBee Candles to, Take a moment, Light a candle and #BeeAtPeace!

We think there is something special about lighting a candle. It’s almost like a brief moment in time where you just pause and relax. In a society where there is actually very little time spent ‘pausing’ we at HazelBee Candles really think that it’s essential that you deliberately take time to #BeeAtPeace... So we've created these wonderful scented candles to help you do just that!

Why #BeeAtPeace?


Here at HazelBee's Peace is one of our top values. We believe it's so important that each one of us, no matter what is going on in our lives, good or bad, have an atmosphere of peace. It is our pleasure to help facilitate that atmosphere. We believe that there is something truly restorative and soothing about lighting a candle, especially one that smells beautiful and has been made with love. So remember...
~Take a moment 

~ Light a candle


Why Soy Wax?


Soy wax is a natural wax made from soya beans. It is eco-friendly, sustainable and has a cleaner, healthier and longer burn than traditional petroleum based paraffin candles, one could say that soy wax is a ‘green’ option as far as candle waxes are concerned.